What’s The Secret?

We all learn to write in school. When it comes to writing business documents, however, there are some basic rules that you need to know about.

So, what are the “secrets” to writing documents that will be used in the world of business? Here are some things to consider:
How do I write this?

Newsletters: Be they the paper variety or electronic/email types, newsletters can be a vital means of communicating with your clients; but only if they actually read them! See: Newsletters People Will Read

Marketing Copy: Words that are intended to sell something have a different requirement to just being read. Marketing copy is a useless waste of space if your customers and prospects do not respond to your marketing efforts. See: Marketing Copy to Get Response

Job Ads: Attracting applications for the jobs you want to fill is easy. Writing job ads that will actually pull in descent candidates is another story altogether. See Job Ads That Work

Technical Writing: Your technical people may have an excellent understanding of what they produce and how it works, but can they write Technical Documents that can be easily read and understood? See: Technical Writing Tips

User Manuals: The audience for User Manuals is even more sensitive. Let’s face it, if you have to read the user manual for an item you acquire, you obviously know very little about that item as yet. That being the case, you had better hope that the manufacturer has provided a User Manuals that make sense to people who know very little about their item. User manuals should be easy to follow. See: User Manuals that Make Sense

Client Contracts: Contracts have to be legally correct, of course. If you ever need to go to court, you had better make sure you have a properly worded contract to support you. This does not mean, however, that your contracts need to be unintelligible to your average client. Client contracts should (and can) be written so your clients can actually understand them. See: Contracts They Can Understand